Audi S5 + £36K of Instant Wins

Live draw 21st May 2023 @ 9:30 PM
99999 tickets available
Maximum 999 tickets per person

£0.99Per Entry

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Live Draw 9.30PM Sunday 21st May

This competition has now closed. Good luck to all those who entered!

This fantastic Audi S5 + £1000 Cash or a huge £22,000 Cash Alternative could be yours for 99P!

Plus 400 chances to win cash, tech & site credit instantly worth £36K including:

1 x £5000 cash prizes

2 x £2000 cash prizes

10 x £1000 cash prizes

2 x £500 cash prizes

50 x £100 cash prizes

100 x £50 cash prizes

55″ LG 4KTV, PS5, TAG Heuer, Airpod Pro & Makita Tools

Scroll down to the bottom to see the full instant prize list, including big cash prizes!

Only 99P Per Entry!

Maximum Entries 999 Per Person

We love a red Audi and who can blame us when they look as stunning as this Audi S5!

Finished in Misano Red Pearl effect paint, this is a fantastic example of Audis 3.0 V6 349BHP Quattro Sportback!

With just 1 former owner and a low 53K miles, the S5 feels as tight today as when it left the factory.

Of course it also comes with a full Audi service history and a 3 month dealer supplied warranty!

There is a £22,000 cash alternative available if the winner prefers.

This is based on a locally sourced trade price.

Car Details

Audi S5

3.0 V6 Turbocharged Engine

Stunning condition inside and out

Full Service History

53K Miles

MOT November 2023

54 Instant Wins Remaining

Instant Win PrizeTicket NumberWinner
£50 Tax Free Cash23terrianne caplin
£50 Tax Free Cash48Gordon Bickerton
£100 Tax Free Cash56Blake Kendall
£10 Site Credit275Craig Evans
£20 Site Credit331Scott Fielding
£50 Tax Free Cash483
£50 Tax Free Cash730Dale Goodwin
£10 Site Credit882
£10 Site Credit1111Dan Simpson
£50 Tax Free Cash1832Stuart Coombs
£2000 Tax Free Cash3213Suliman Khan
£500 Tax Free Cash3349Gordon Bickerton
£50 Tax Free Cash3350Craig Beaumont
£10 Site Credit4197Damion Morton
£10 Site Credit4464Tim Hulme
£20 Site Credit4652Colvin Hendy
£20 Site Credit4705Jason Mcneill
£10 Site Credit5018Mark Roberts
£1000 Tax Free Cash5357David Madeley
£10 Site Credit5388Chris Dickson
£50 Tax Free Cash5504Gavin Herman
£10 Site Credit5509Ryan Greig
£10 Site Credit6083Mark Roberts
£100 Tax Free Cash6945Matthew Fox
£20 Site Credit6994Ahsiaha Nasir
£50 Tax Free Cash7794Mario Koutis
£50 Tax Free Cash7911Andrew Fairest
£20 Site Credit8172Dominic Curran
£50 Tax Free Cash8407
£50 Tax Free Cash8467Blake Kendall
£1000 Tax Free Cash8468Daniel Southall
£10 Site Credit8527Steven Dyson
£20 Site Credit8594Kai Fawcett
£100 Tax Free Cash8620Amber Meston
£20 Site Credit8645Kevin McCrindle
£100 Tax Free Cash8973Ben Pope
£10 Site Credit8995Richard Francis
£10 Site Credit9556Andrew West
£20 Site Credit9713Stephen Carpenter
£10 Site Credit9886Richard Morris
£1000 Tax Free Cash10053
£100 Tax Free Cash10135Nik davies
£20 Site Credit10152mark russell
£20 Site Credit10311Nathan Prouse
£50 Tax Free Cash11053Stuart Williams
£100 Tax Free Cash11882Taylor Barton
TAG F1 Quarts or £90012230James Cunningham
£100 Tax Free Cash12493Shaun Parrish
£1000 Tax Free Cash12760Jamie Powell
£20 Site Credit12796
£20 Site Credit12807Paul Golding
£100 Tax Free Cash13013Jason Ramsey
£10 Site Credit13205joanne west
£100 Tax Free Cash13614
£20 Site Credit13939
£50 Tax Free Cash14134Michael Carl
£50 Tax Free Cash14322Ryan Greig
£20 Site Credit14360Kai Fawcett
£20 Site Credit14379Peter Buffam
£20 Site Credit14738Colvin Hendy
£20 Site Credit15209joanne west
£20 Site Credit15291Daniel Waimann
LG 55″ 4KTV or £35015723Andrew West
£50 Tax Free Cash16028Michael Woodend
£50 Tax Free Cash16051Gavin Montgomery
£10 Site Credit16898Daniel Waimann
£1000 Tax Free Cash16914Tony Carruthers
£50 Tax Free Cash17058Mark Taylor
£50 Tax Free Cash17266Nath Colclough
£50 Tax Free Cash17286Colvin Hendy
£100 Tax Free Cash17643Taylor Barton
£10 Site Credit17768Stephen lee Foot
£20 Site Credit17946
£50 Tax Free Cash17994DAVID HIGGINS
£50 Tax Free Cash18535
£50 Tax Free Cash18747
£50 Tax Free Cash19158
£50 Tax Free Cash19549Jason Thorne
£20 Site Credit19792Paul Harvey
£50 Tax Free Cash20117DARREN SPENDLOVE
£10 Site Credit20332John Percival
£100 Tax Free Cash20388Shaun Parrish
£50 Tax Free Cash20675
£10 Site Credit21144Greg Renwick
£10 Site Credit21745Georgie Shek
£100 Tax Free Cash21803Mark Longrigg
£10 Site Credit21976Oswald Glasgow
£10 Site Credit22295DAVID HIGGINS
£20 Site Credit22330Luke Burton
£20 Site Credit22526Colvin Hendy
£10 Site Credit22740daniel Worthington
£50 Tax Free Cash22898
£50 Tax Free Cash22925Stephen Lyon
£1000 Tax Free Cash23014Kevin McCrindle
£100 Tax Free Cash23198Marc Ormsby
£10 Site Credit23377MARK HOPKINS
£20 Site Credit23468Nath Colclough
£50 Tax Free Cash23535Neil Battman
£100 Tax Free Cash24228Kevin McCrindle
£10 Site Credit24301John Percival
£20 Site Credit24359John Johnson
£20 Site Credit24526John Gilmour
£50 Tax Free Cash24745Jason Thorne
£10 Site Credit24931Pete Baker
£100 Tax Free Cash25100mark russell
£10 Site Credit25317Sophie Morrison
£10 Site Credit25321Kathryn Mcdermott
£10 Site Credit25883Nath Colclough
£2000 Tax Free Cash26106Steven Houghton
£10 Site Credit26763Kevin McCrindle
£50 Tax Free Cash27409Richard Francis
£100 Tax Free Cash28050Seb Wilkinson
£10 Site Credit28213
£10 Site Credit28786DARREN SPENDLOVE
£10 Site Credit28847Steven Dyson
£10 Site Credit29131Adam Preston
£10 Site Credit29220Jordan Hammond
£20 Site Credit29481Adam Billingham
£50 Tax Free Cash29545Colvin Hendy
£10 Site Credit29600Christopher Baxter
£10 Site Credit30634Richard Palmer
£10 Site Credit30686James Knapp
£50 Tax Free Cash31089James Owen
£10 Site Credit31092Alex Burns
£20 Site Credit31296Allan Lewis
£20 Site Credit31677James Pughe
£20 Site Credit31948
£10 Site Credit32110Jacki Best
£20 Site Credit32422
£100 Tax Free Cash32670Mark Roberts
£10 Site Credit33467Neil Battman
£10 Site Credit33496
£20 Site Credit33645Seb Wilkinson
£50 Tax Free Cash33746John Johnson
£100 Tax Free Cash33767Kathryn Mcdermott
£20 Site Credit35147Craig Lay
£10 Site Credit35473Daniel Brook
£50 Tax Free Cash35926Mark⁸ Cooke
£100 Tax Free Cash35978Andi Woods
£10 Site Credit36083Suliman Khan
£100 Tax Free Cash36213Seb Wilkinson
£50 Tax Free Cash36946
£10 Site Credit37057Jake Stevenson
£10 Site Credit37506Shaun Parrish
£50 Tax Free Cash37763Jamie Powell
£10 Site Credit37807
£20 Site Credit37914Shaun Parrish
£20 Site Credit38068Abdul Majid
£20 Site Credit38524Gavin Fitton
£20 Site Credit38747Mark Buckman
£20 Site Credit38794Dominic Curran
PS5 or £45038822Jacki Best
£20 Site Credit39447Jordan Hammond
£10 Site Credit39584Dan Colclough
£10 Site Credit39641
£10 Site Credit39710Les Whiteside
£10 Site Credit39905Steven Dyson
£100 Tax Free Cash40116Rob Nash
£50 Tax Free Cash40987
£50 Tax Free Cash41085Lewis Belletty
£10 Site Credit41531Pam Smith
£20 Site Credit41710Mark Roberts
£10 Site Credit41783Leigh Horton
£10 Site Credit42051Adam Preston
£20 Site Credit42196Andrew West
£10 Site Credit42806
£50 Tax Free Cash43118John Percival
£50 Tax Free Cash43243daniel Worthington
£10 Site Credit43366Magdalena Stefanik
£10 Site Credit43412
£10 Site Credit43768Richard Francis
£50 Tax Free Cash44094Martin Dickinson
£10 Site Credit44162Kathryn Mcdermott
£10 Site Credit44531
£20 Site Credit44573MARK HOPKINS
£10 Site Credit44846Richard Francis
£20 Site Credit44931Mark Emberson
£10 Site Credit45070Gordon Bickerton
£50 Tax Free Cash45163DARREN SPENDLOVE
£20 Site Credit45348
£50 Tax Free Cash45396Jacki Best
£50 Tax Free Cash45426Christopher Baxter
£50 Tax Free Cash45471Mario Koutis
£20 Site Credit45575Mark Price
£10 Site Credit45879Jamie Powell
£1000 Tax Free Cash46240James Owen
£20 Site Credit46717Kevin McCrindle
£100 Tax Free Cash47220Kevin Wall
£10 Site Credit47221Darren Hayler
£50 Tax Free Cash48052James Owen
£10 Site Credit48371Gordon Bickerton
£20 Site Credit48910Paul Tongue
£100 Tax Free Cash49106Stuart Coombs
£10 Site Credit49193Kerry Record
£20 Site Credit49240Kathryn Mcdermott
£100 Tax Free Cash49287
£10 Site Credit49328John Roberts
£50 Tax Free Cash49373Kathryn Mcdermott
£10 Site Credit49478
£50 Tax Free Cash49750Mark Roberts
£50 Tax Free Cash51020Richard Zammutt
£20 Site Credit51393Mario Koutis
£10 Site Credit52706Jacki Best
£100 Tax Free Cash52781joanne west
£100 Tax Free Cash53570Georgie Shek
£50 Tax Free Cash53606Matthew Eley
£100 Tax Free Cash54006Barry O Connor
£20 Site Credit55045Craig Beaumont
£20 Site Credit55408Michael Black
£10 Site Credit55718Sophie Morrison
£100 Tax Free Cash56020Mark Roberts
£20 Site Credit56052Garry Vaughan
£5000 Tax Free Cash56132
£100 Tax Free Cash56348Andrew West
£10 Site Credit56418Matthew Ridley
£50 Tax Free Cash56702Natalie Woods
£50 Tax Free Cash56930Ian Wanless
£1000 Tax Free Cash56940Antony Neil
£50 Tax Free Cash57365Gordon Bickerton
£10 Site Credit57454
£50 Tax Free Cash57634Andrew Wing
£20 Site Credit57861Ahsiaha Nasir
£50 Tax Free Cash57973Jordan Hammond
£10 Site Credit58552James Owen
£10 Site Credit58813
£10 Site Credit58957Andrew West
£50 Tax Free Cash59010Kirsty Powell
£20 Site Credit59398Kirsty Powell
£1000 Tax Free Cash59445Shaun Parrish
£10 Site Credit59463Paul Gilmour
£20 Site Credit59474
£100 Tax Free Cash59639
£100 Tax Free Cash59655JOHN WILLIAMS
£10 Site Credit59892Michael Reeves
£10 Site Credit60195Rob Nash
£10 Site Credit60502
£10 Site Credit60719DAVID HIGGINS
£100 Tax Free Cash60773Gordon Bickerton
£50 Tax Free Cash60890
£20 Site Credit60913Craig Beaumont
£50 Tax Free Cash61205
£10 Site Credit61539
£10 Site Credit61722Andrew West
£50 Tax Free Cash61776Seb Wilkinson
£10 Site Credit61787Kerry Record
£50 Tax Free Cash61792John Percival
£20 Site Credit62269Adam Boutwell
£10 Site Credit62369Adam Preston
£20 Site Credit62828Tim Hulme
£20 Site Credit62862Jordan Hammond
£50 Tax Free Cash63141Ian Wanless
£20 Site Credit63481Christopher Baxter
£20 Site Credit63660Kevin Stockley
£10 Site Credit63894Marc Daffern
£50 Tax Free Cash64057Anthony Castle
£20 Site Credit64132
£20 Site Credit64199Jordan Hammond
£100 Tax Free Cash64361joanne west
£10 Site Credit64472Georgie Shek
£50 Tax Free Cash64712Kerry Record
£50 Tax Free Cash64793Michael Black
£10 Site Credit64886Adam Boutwell
Makita Tools or £45065377Suliman Khan
£50 Tax Free Cash65641
£20 Site Credit65655Craig Mcbride
£50 Tax Free Cash65811Ian Wanless
£100 Tax Free Cash66195Pete Baker
£20 Site Credit66325Thomas Hart
£10 Site Credit66464Rob Lord
£10 Site Credit66837
£50 Tax Free Cash67513Marc Ormsby
£1000 Tax Free Cash67915Chris Dickson
£10 Site Credit68088
£10 Site Credit68411joanne west
£50 Tax Free Cash68877Kirsty Powell
£10 Site Credit69043Pete Cross
£100 Tax Free Cash69668Jason Bowling
£20 Site Credit70586Jason Ramsey
£500 Tax Free Cash70809Carl Jones
£100 Tax Free Cash71026Amber Meston
£20 Site Credit71293Nicholas Foster
£50 Tax Free Cash71416Michael Owen
£10 Site Credit71594Grant Mcdermott
£10 Site Credit71925Kathryn Mcdermott
£100 Tax Free Cash72394
£20 Site Credit72539Sarah Birks
£20 Site Credit73186
£100 Tax Free Cash73249Chris Dickson
£50 Tax Free Cash74769mark russell
£10 Site Credit74815Jordan Hammond
£10 Site Credit74838Steven Dyson
£50 Tax Free Cash74981
£100 Tax Free Cash74996Neil Vaughan
£50 Tax Free Cash75025Andrew West
£50 Tax Free Cash75493Colvin Hendy
£100 Tax Free Cash75579Chris Stevens
£10 Site Credit76032Harry Gillespie-Boarer
£10 Site Credit76102Tim Hulme
£50 Tax Free Cash76197Jacki Best
£20 Site Credit76435J Gris
£20 Site Credit76658Paul Tongue
£20 Site Credit76972
£10 Site Credit77241James Ellis
£20 Site Credit77362Jacki Best
£10 Site Credit77613Michael Banfield
£50 Tax Free Cash77626Robert Teasdale
£20 Site Credit77749Shaun Parrish
£10 Site Credit77875Sophie Morrison
£10 Site Credit77921Terry Thorne
£50 Tax Free Cash77961Rob Nash
£10 Site Credit78594Steve Parry
£100 Tax Free Cash78676Gull Scott
£50 Tax Free Cash78733
£20 Site Credit78751Andrew Fairest
£100 Tax Free Cash79034Garry Vaughan
£20 Site Credit79053Danielle Mackenzie
£10 Site Credit79083Michael Owen
£50 Tax Free Cash79145Greg Renwick
£20 Site Credit79423Kerry Record
£20 Site Credit79556Dave Ward
£10 Site Credit79753Colvin Hendy
£20 Site Credit79775Jamie Powell
£50 Tax Free Cash80594Colvin Hendy
£50 Tax Free Cash80644Nathan Prouse
£10 Site Credit80872Robert Wringe
£20 Site Credit81236Alex Burns
£20 Site Credit81654DARREN SPENDLOVE
£20 Site Credit82523Terry Neale
£100 Tax Free Cash82591Pete Cross
£10 Site Credit82760Michael Banfield
£20 Site Credit83328Mark Emberson
£20 Site Credit83488joanne west
£10 Site Credit83501Dominic Curran
£20 Site Credit83839GARRY BIRKS
£10 Site Credit84304Ritchie Little
£10 Site Credit84742Matthew Eley
£10 Site Credit85041Adam Boutwell
£50 Tax Free Cash85627Wayne Smith
£20 Site Credit85973Ryan Greig
£50 Tax Free Cash86199Christopher Baxter
£20 Site Credit86247
£50 Tax Free Cash86251Jason Thorne
£50 Tax Free Cash86533Shaun Parrish
£10 Site Credit86668Sandra Mcnally
£20 Site Credit86688
£100 Tax Free Cash86838Michael King
£10 Site Credit87605Jacki Best
£50 Tax Free Cash88016
£100 Tax Free Cash88078
£50 Tax Free Cash88305Jason Ramsey
£50 Tax Free Cash88368Trigger T
£10 Site Credit88670Kirsty Powell
£10 Site Credit88745Gordon Bickerton
£20 Site Credit88756Matthew Eley
£100 Tax Free Cash88875Amy Biddle
£10 Site Credit89514Anthony Cripps
£20 Site Credit89602Sam Cummings
£20 Site Credit89665Craig Mcbride
£20 Site Credit89907Colvin Hendy
£50 Tax Free Cash89987Christopher Baxter
£20 Site Credit90049
£100 Tax Free Cash90345Simon Kozaj
£20 Site Credit90469Ryan Greig
£10 Site Credit90570John Johnson
£10 Site Credit90659DARREN SPENDLOVE
£50 Tax Free Cash90669Danny Evans
£20 Site Credit90695
£100 Tax Free Cash90729Jordan Cheyne
£10 Site Credit90933Marc Turner
£50 Tax Free Cash90935Jason Ramsey
£10 Site Credit91311Suliman Khan
£10 Site Credit92031Mark Emberson
£20 Site Credit92261James Pughe
£50 Tax Free Cash92479Luke Burton
£50 Tax Free Cash93023Gordon Bickerton
£20 Site Credit93500Ross Gordon
£10 Site Credit93898Daniel Southall
£10 Site Credit94039Nath Colclough
£10 Site Credit94284Nathan Johnson
AirPods Pro or £20094303Rob Nash
£50 Tax Free Cash94810David Cullen
£50 Tax Free Cash95111
£50 Tax Free Cash95149Wayne Foster
£20 Site Credit95439Jason Bowling
£50 Tax Free Cash95514Mark Emberson
£50 Tax Free Cash95614Dan Colclough
£10 Site Credit96064Seb Wilkinson
£50 Tax Free Cash96468
£100 Tax Free Cash96666Jordan Hammond
£10 Site Credit96872Harkrishan Bhakri
£20 Site Credit98007Dominic Curran
£10 Site Credit98513Jason Thorne
£20 Site Credit98721Kirsty Powell
£20 Site Credit98806John Percival
£50 Tax Free Cash98889Chris Stevens
£10 Site Credit99428Craig Beaumont
£10 Site Credit99475Mark Roberts
£10 Site Credit99569
£10 Site Credit99664Kerry Record
£100 Tax Free Cash99853Ahsiaha Nasir

Updates and live draws will be available on our Facebook page.

On entering the competition / placing your order you will receive your ticket numbers via email.

The live draw takes place on May 21, 2023 on Facebook.

To enter by post, please see our terms & conditions If entering our competitions either by post or online please ensure you have read and agree to our terms and conditions, if your entries do not comply with the terms they will not be included in the draw. Please note you must sign up for an account before making your entry! Entries without an account cannot be processed. You must add your billing address to your account in order for your entries to be processed.

You can watch the draw LIVE on Facebook. We will also be posting updates on this competition and future competitions on our Facebook page so make sure you are following and our posts are set to show at the top of your newsfeed!

This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook, Apple or Google. By entering the competitions, Entrants agree that neither Facebook, Apple nor Google have any liability and are not responsible for the administration or promotion of this competition.

How do I get my number?

After completion of payment, your number(s) will be displayed. They will also be e-mailed to you, and will be available under My Account.

How are the prizes drawn?

The draw is done live on Facebook using a random number generator to determine the winner.

When does the draw take place?

The live draw will take place on 21/05/2023. If all the entries are sold sooner the draw will be brought forward. Keep updated on the confirmed draw date via our Facebook page and website.

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