TAG Heuer F1 Watch

Live draw 23rd January 2022 @ 9:00 PM
749 tickets available
Maximum 20 tickets per person

£2.99Per Entry

This competition has now closed. Good luck to all those who entered!

Here’s another chance to win a TAG Heuer watch for a few quid!

Set within a 43mm polished stainless steel case complete with an eye catching polished steel bezel and matte blue aluminium fixed bezel with a white tachymeter scale, this TAG Heuer Formula 1 Men’s Watch optimises both function and form.

Driven by a reliable quartz movement, this exceptional timepiece boasts a statement blue sunray dial featuring hand applied indexes, luminescent markers, three chronograph sub dials and an angled date window positioned at 4.

A fine brushed stainless steel bracelet completes the look, providing comfort and security on the track with a double safety claps and racing suit extension.

Designed for life in the fast lane, speed up your daily performance with the TAG Heuer Formula 1 range. Utilising advanced technology these high power sports watches push boundaries with unrivalled innovative features, cutting edge materials and stylish aesthetics.

Ticket NumberNameOrder ID
3Neil James1629
7Tony Wright2409
12Stephen Armstrong3054
13Tony Wright1126
14andrew pilkington1122
15Sean Furminger2042
16Adam Abbott1162
17Craig Kelso3043
21Dominic Curran2178
22Niranjan Givane2939
23Colin Jeffery2548
24Sandeep Paul3159
25Christopher Bache1267
27Stephen Robinson2246
28kenneth wood1837
29Darren Huggins2629
31Dean Barbet3257
32Phil Kelly1553
33Liam Fleet1777
34Anthony Moloney920
38Kev Hope2387
39chris handscombe3187
41John Glover2216
43Philip Rogers2510
44Liam Fleet1777
45Chee Tse3297
47Karen Thomas9.62016E+13
49Kris Green1428
50Lee Seddon2969
51keith layton1106
54Will Austin3017
55Michael Vaughan1046
56Lee Buckingham1698
57Dominic Curran2178
58Dominic Curran2178
60Oliver Mullins1121
61Alex Moran1279
62Niranjan Givane2939
63David Edwards1262
64Richard Taylor1417
65Bart Prince3057
66Sean Furminger2042
67Jonathan Morgan1823
68Oliver Mullins1121
69Mark Crowther894
70Colin Dyer1109
71Phill Thomas3145
72Lorna Stace2692
73Jonathan Morgan1823
75John Moseley1120
77Marc Nicholson2720
78Carl Smith876
80Paul Ratcliffe1269
81Dominic Curran2178
82John Gordon2181
83scott clarke2831
84Keith Robson2067
88Aidan Maguire2012
89scott clarke2831
90Jason Ramsey2021
91Phil Kelly1553
92Jonathan Morgan1823
93Colin Jeffery2548
94Jonathan Morgan1823
97Mark Price2982
98David Thomas1915
101Michael Vaughan1046
102Gary Thomson3082
103Jonathan Morgan1823
105scott clarke2831
107keith layton1106
110Mark Crowther894
111Dominic Curran2178
112Rob Seaton3211
113Bart Prince3057
115Mitchell Loveridge2795
116Tim Chick2997
117Darren Huggins2629
119Matt Hayes2289
121Michael Dodds2064
122Callum Pannell3229
123Mitchell Loveridge2795
124Alex Moran1279
125Christopher Ramsden1258
126Philip Rogers2510
128Jason Ramsey2021
129Keith Robson2067
132Shaun Cambell2899
133Ian Wanless1790
134Alan Lindsay1399
136Jonathan Brown1813
138Gavin Rolston2292
139Darren Joyce2762
140William Goode1954
141Niranjan Givane2939
143Phil Kelly1553
145Scott Mcintyre3272
149Zoe Mcandrew2829
151Gavin Rolston2292
153Scott Mcintyre3272
154Phil Kelly1553
155Darren Joyce2762
157kenneth wood1837
158Colin Jeffery2548
159David Thomas1915
160Steve Overend1381
161Steve Overend1381
163Darren Huggins2629
167Hooper Graham1253
168Sean Furminger2042
169Oliver Mullins1121
170Kieran Dyson3018
171Jonathan Morgan1823
172Jonathan Morgan1823
174Daniel Miles2403
175louise challis1002
176Mark Roberts1901
177Jack Townsend2584
178Darren Huggins2629
179Alan Lindsay1399
180William Pearson2121
181Mark Jones1803
183Dominic Curran2178
184Georgie Shek2164
185Matthew Eagland1238
186Martin Allan2557
187Ian Davies2504
188John Glover2216
189Paul Ratcliffe1269
190Bethany Brooksbank3196
191John Gordon870
192John Moseley1120
193Dean Barbet3257
195Mitchell Loveridge2795
196Graham Norman3322
197Chris Leaney1855
198Gavin Rolston2292
199Niranjan Givane2939
200Sandeep Paul3159
201Gavin Rolston2292
202Phil Kelly1553
203Jack Townsend2584
205Scott Crooks2845
208Niranjan Givane2939
209John Glover2216
210Helen Sams1047
211Iain Key3155
212Mark Gage1197
213Niranjan Givane2939
217Phil Kelly1553
221Colin Jeffery2548
222daniel Worthington2866
224Shaun Cambell2899
226Jonathan Morgan1823
227Niranjan Givane2939
228Colin Jeffery2548
229Darren Huggins2629
230Dean Barbet3257
231Dean Barbet3257
232Sean Furminger2042
233Tony Carruthers2220
235Dominic Curran2178
236Michael Vaughan1046
237John Gordon870
238Dean Barbet3257
239Darren Huggins2629
240Jonathan Morgan1823
242Neal CARTWRIGHT1774
243Scott Watkins1365
246Gavin Rolston2292
247Gavin Rolston2292
253Nick Jones2993
254Lewis Thow2658
255Aidan Maguire2335
256Sean Furminger2042
257Dean Greenland3085
259Steven Houghton1028
260Terry Turton1611
261john duncan2291
262Mark Price2982
264Neal CARTWRIGHT1774
265Gary Donohue1289
266Mathew Garfitt2661
267Lee Kennedy2107
269Jonathan Morgan1823
271Colin Dyer1109
272Phil Kelly1553
274Imran Rafiq7.81016E+13
275Simon Wilson2172
276Alan Lindsay1399
277Lyndon Griffiths1163
278Marcus McKeown3306
280Jonathan Morgan1823
282Kris Green1428
283Chris Dickson2770
285Mark Price2982
286andrew pilkington1122
287Gary Harrison1763
288Sham Islam1719
289lee mostari1878
291Dominic Curran2178
292louise challis1002
293Darren Mills3133
294David Thomas1915
296Zoe Mcandrew2829
297Colin Jeffery2548
299Michael Middleton2287
300Daniel Edkins2363
301steven ross1634
302Chris Wheelans2578
304Daniel Miles2184
306Rob Hughes1951
307Phill Thomas3145
308Alex Moran1279
309Phil Kelly1553
311Tony Wright1462
313Dominic Curran2178
314Colin Jeffery2548
315Kenneth Omahony1119
316Christopher Ramsden1258
317Jordan bailey1950
319Anthony Alexander3305
320Terry Turton2477
321Stephen Chalder1984
322Gavin Rolston2292
324Beverley Halliwell2938
325Shaun Cambell2899
326Stuart Liddell1407
327Phil Kelly1553
328Lyndon Griffiths1163
330Dominic Curran2178
332Marc Moldawski2666
333Mark Price2982
334Niranjan Givane2939
335Phil Kelly1553
336Luke Bannister3234
337Dominic Curran2178
338Lee Buckingham1698
339Daniel lacey2815
340Andy Leigh2543
343Christopher Baxter2730
344Tony Wright1126
346Daniel lacey2815
347Colin Jeffery2548
348Colin Jeffery2548
349Brian Totten874
350Michael Middleton2287
351Lyndon Griffiths1163
352Jack Morris2508
353Niranjan Givane2939
355Lyndon Griffiths1163
356Jonathan Morgan1823
358Lee Buckingham1698
360Chris Patten961
362Darren Huggins2629
363Colin Jeffery2548
365Daniel Johns3261
366Keith Robson2067
368daniel Worthington2866
369Mathew Garfitt964
370Phil Kelly1553
371Daniel Edkins2363
373Darren Foden2649
375Sean Furminger2042
376Steven Houghton1028
377Helen Sams1047
378Terry Turton1611
379Lee Evans2088
381Liam Sotheran956
382Darren Joyce2762
383Tony Wright1126
384Daniel lacey2815
386Gavin Rolston2292
388Gordon Bickerton3033
389Anthony Moloney1881
390Andy Leigh2543
391Chris Dickson2770
392Julian Friis3217
393Scott Cowan2521
395Richard Quy1671
396Jonathan Morgan1823
397Daniel lacey2815
399Jack MacLeod3026
402Mark Price2982
403Chris Wilkinson1788
404Colin Jeffery2548
405Christopher Bache1267
406Brian Totten2.63016E+13
407keith layton1106
408douglas moodie1274
409Leroy Windle2719
413Alex Moran1279
415Simon Wilson2172
417Mark Roberts1901
418Phil Kelly1553
420Niranjan Givane2939
421Bart Prince3057
423Dominic Curran2178
424Richard Quy1671
425Colin Dyer1109
426David Anderson2929
427Darren Huggins2629
428Sean Furminger2042
430craig burton2105
431Julian Friis3217
433Caeson Gibson3061
434Aidan Maguire2570
436Adam evans1678
437Anthony Moloney2342
438Liam Fleet1777
439Gary Harrison1763
440Macaulay Hancox2796
441Anthony Moloney2342
444andrew pilkington1122
445Sean Furminger2042
447Daniel Edkins2363
449Bob Budden1626
450Sean Furminger2042
452Matthew Eagland1238
453Darren Huggins2629
454William Achilles1645
455Dominic Curran2178
456John Gordon2181
457Mark Gage1197
458Paul Ratcliffe1269
459Terry Wade3102
461Chris Dickson2770
462Dominic Curran2178
463Mark Aldred2221
464Ben Braunton3148
465Georgie Shek2164
466Neal CARTWRIGHT1774
468Niranjan Givane2939
469[email protected]1.56302E+14
471Darren Farrow2033
473Jon Boniface1266
474Chris Wilkinson1788
475Ian Wanless1790
476daniel Worthington2866
477Darren Huggins2629
479Andy Leigh2543
480Tony Wiltshire2402
483Christopher Keith3150
484Niranjan Givane2939
485Richard Taylor1417
486Helen Sams1047
487Ian Davies2504
488Simon Wilson2172
489Stephen Robinson2246
493Gary Harrison1763
495Bart Prince3057
496Jonathan Morgan1823
497Ian Wanless1790
499john duncan2291
500Niranjan Givane2939
501Sean Furminger2042
504Colin Jeffery2548
505Jason Ramsey2021
506Bethany Brooksbank3196
508David Goldberg1247
509Sean Furminger2042
510Darren Joyce2762
512louise challis1002
513Stephen Armstrong3054
514Julian Friis3217
517Jon Boniface1266
518Colin Jeffery2548
520Tony Carruthers2220
521Mark Aldred2221
522Mark Aldred2221
523Dominic Curran2178
525Anthony Moloney1881
526Kevin Rennie3068
527Scott Watkins1365
529Matthew Eagland1238
530Mark Roberts1901
531Steven Houghton1654
533Andrew Cash2397
534Georgie Shek2164
535Colin Jeffery2548
536Anthony Moloney920
537Paul Mcbain2294
538John Gordon2181
539William Achilles1078
540Lee Evans2088
541louise challis1002
544Niranjan Givane2939
545Richard Parsons968
548William Achilles1078
549Marc Osbourne2513
551Dean Barbet3257
552Alex Moran1279
553Adam Bennett1874
554Marc Brion1998
555David Thomas1915
556Daniel lacey2815
557Thomas Beckett3268
558Vin Hewitt1145
559Darren Huggins2629
560Sean Furminger2042
561Niranjan Givane2939
562Niranjan Givane2939
563Chris Leaney1855
564Leigh Brittle998
568Jonathan Morgan1823
570Mark Gage1197
571Sean Furminger2042
573Gavin Rolston2292
574Phil Kelly1553
575George B Thompson2818
576William Achilles1078
577Colin Jeffery2548
578Phil Kelly1553
581Kevin Rennie3068
582Christopher Keith3150
583Andrew Maddock1781
585Simon Wilson2172
586Dominic Curran2178
588Stephen Armstrong3054
589Sandeep Paul3159
590Dean Barbet3257
591Scott Mcintyre3272
592Phil Kelly1553
595Colin Jeffery2548
597Carl Rance2346
598Macaulay Hancox2796
599Macaulay Hancox2796
602Kevin Flynn3237
603Ian Davies2504
604andrew holmes1293
605James Morrison2162
606Bart Prince3057
607Daniel Johns3209
608Colin Jeffery2548
609Gavin Sharp1361
610Terry Turton2477
611Colin Jeffery2548
612Chris Ayton1780
615Gavin Rolston2292
616Steve Overend1381
617Shaun Ball1967
618Niranjan Givane2939
619Phill Thomas3145
622Julian Friis3217
623Mark Taylor2140
624Phil Kelly1553
626Lyndon Griffiths1163
628Chris Leaney1855
629Liam Sotheran956
630Stephen Haynes2008
631Matt Allen2048
632Josh Calam2122
633Leroy Windle2719
634Darren Huggins2629
635Leigh Brittle2610
638Mark Eyres3147
639Phil Kelly1553
640Sean Furminger2042
641Sean Furminger2042
642Stephen Shepherd2653
643Michael Vaughan1046
644Lyndon Griffiths1163
645Jonathan Morgan1823
646Bethany Brooksbank3196
648john duncan2291
649Niranjan Givane2939
650Beverley Halliwell2938
651Chris Patten961
652Iain Pepler3072
653Darren Huggins2629
655Dominic Curran2178
656Mark Aldred2221
658Chris Ayton1780
659Liam Sotheran956
660Jack Morris2508
661Scott Mcintyre3272
662Jonathan Morgan1823
663John Gordon870
664Jon Boniface1266
665Darren Huggins2629
667Jonathan Morgan1823
668Matthew Hodgkinson7.52316E+13
669Sean Furminger2042
670Bryan Smith2531
672Martin Allan2557
674Phil Kelly1553
675Chris Ross1537
676Phil Kelly1553
679Jon Whithear2542
680Colin Jeffery2548
681kenneth wood1837
682Jack Morris2508
684Mark Adamson2.67116E+13
685Darren Best913
686Jonathan Morgan1823
688Stefan Salliss3141
689Richard Taylor1417
690Phil Kelly1553
691Gordon Bickerton1240
692Anthony Moloney1881
693Anthony Moloney920
695Kyle Quinn2588
697Paul Paton1867
698Niranjan Givane2939
699john duncan2291
701Michael Dodds2064
703Neal CARTWRIGHT1774
704John Moseley1120
705Andrew Maddock1781
706Sean Furminger2042
707Scott Mcintyre3272
709Colin Jeffery2548
710Christopher Bache1267
711Chris Wilkinson1788
712Anthony Moloney2342
713William Achilles1078
715Ben Redmond1822
716Daniel Miles2184
718Stephen Robinson2246
721Dominic Curran2178
724Darren Joyce2762
725William Achilles1078
726Richard Denbow3219
727Niranjan Givane2939
728Mark Jones1803
729Darren Huggins2629
731Dominic Curran2178
732Bryan Smith2531
734Lewis Thow2658
735Dominic Curran2178
736Jonathan Morgan1823
739Sean Furminger2042
740Scott Mcintyre3272
741Daniel Munday3152
742Chris Patten961
743Sean Furminger2042
745Sean Furminger2042
746Lee Evans2088
748Christopher Keith3150
749Tim Chick2997

Updates and live draws will be available on our Facebook page. On entering the competition / placing your order you will receive your ticket numbers via email. The live draw takes place on January 23, 2022 on Facebook. To enter by post, please see our terms & conditions

If entering our competitions either by post or online please ensure you have read and agree to our terms and conditions, if your entries do not comply with the terms they will not be included in the draw. Please note you must sign up for an account before making your entry! Entries without an account cannot be processed. You must add your billing address to your account in order for your entries to be processed.

You can watch the draw LIVE on Facebook. We will also be posting updates on this competition and future competitions on the page so make sure you are following and our posts are set to show at the top of your newsfeed!

How do I get my number?

After completion of payment, your number(s) will be displayed. They will also be e-mailed to you, and will be available under My Account.

How are the prizes drawn?

The draw is done live on Facebook using a random number generator to determine the winner.

When does the draw take place?

The live draw will take place on 23/01/2022. If all the entries are sold sooner the draw will be brought forward. Keep updated on the confirmed draw date via our Facebook page and website.

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