Frequently Asked Questions

Redline Reddies are our new rewards system.

For each purchase you make you will be awarded points.

You will receive 50 points for every £1 you spend.

You will be able to redeem your points on the checkout screen.

Every 2000 points is worth £1.

It’s pretty simple really:

Answer the question and enter the competition.

Receive your number in your email confirmation or view it on the competition page.

Watch the live draw and keep your fingers crossed!

After running several popular Facebook motoring pages for a few years we decided to use what we had learnt to bring our dream of keeping classics on the road to life.

Simply, two petrol heads who miss the cars of our youth.  We want to give you the chance to own the classic you missed out on or wish you never sold.

Gaz takes care of the tech side of Redline along side doing the photos of the cars. And of course has a hand in the never ending search for cars! Gaz is a huge Ford fan, his dream car is an Escort Cosworth. Gaz also runs several large Facebook pages which you may be aware of including: 80s & 90s Turbo Cars, Fast Fords, Classic Fords, Modern Classic Cars

Mike is the Draw Master and Deal Maker of Redline, he is also the most active on our social media pages. It’s Mike you will speak to if you are a lucky winner or would like to sell your car to us. Mike too is on a never ending search for cars! He is also a big Ford fan but also partial to classic VWs too. His dream car is a Sierra Cosworth. Mike also runs several large Facebook pages which you may be aware of including: Hot Hatch FansHyper HatchesPerformance ImportsDream Sports Cars


We were established in December 2018 and have over 83K Facebook followers along with an excellent 5* rating on Trustpilot.

As of January 2024 we have given over £5.2million in prizes to over 7400 winners!

Feel free to contact us with any questions before entering.

If local you can even call in for a brew!

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